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The war in Ukraine | 04

The war in Ukraine | 04

Danilo Movchan

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    Danilo Movchan


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Anxiety, pain, sadness, despair, crying, waiting… There are no colors on earth to convey this tragedy. Whole body pain is indescribable. Life in a state of war has brought great unrest to my world. I started looking for ways to share this with people. Relive your story of these events. Images of war began to create in my imagination these compositions. I postponed drawing icons… There is no peace in the soul to continue the sacred work. Danylo Movchan Was born in Lviv in 1979. Education: 1995-2000 – was studding in Ivan Trush Lviv State College of Decorative and Fine Arts (Department of restoration) 2000-2006 – was studding in Lviv National Academy of Arts (Sacred Art Department) from 2012 – a member of The Ukrainian Iconographers Union Exhibitions and projects: 2006 – Andrey Sheptytsky National Museum in Lviv (Ukraine) 2009 – “Embodiment”, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv (Ukraine) 2012 – “The song of the songs”, Art Centre IMPART, Wroclaw (Poland) 2012 – “Heavenly”, Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery Iconart, Lviv (Ukraine) 2012 – “Trapeza”, DETENPYLA Gallery, Lviv (Ukraine) 2013 – “A Human and a cherub”, Częstochowa, Poznan, Lodz (Poland) 2014 – “Lost Wings”, Sweet Art Gallery, Chernivtsi (Ukraine) 2015 March – “Iconart: Vision of the World Unseen”, group exhibition of Contemporary Sacred Art Gallery Iconart in the Ukrainian Institute of America, New York (USA) 2016 – the exhibition in the Feast of the Cross Church, Wroclaw (Poland) A lot of his works are located in churches and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Finland, Canada and USA. Danylo has participated in more then 90 group exhibitions and several international en plein air in Ukraine and abroad.

Danilo Movchan (DaniloMovchan)